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About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Muxin is a dedicated smart robot company, driven by the belief in smarter robots for a better life. Established by a group of robotics experts, AI vision specialists, and seasoned engineers in 2019, Muxin has created a range of intelligent robot products, including the world’s most advanced AI vision robotic vacuum cleaner and the upcoming state-of-the-art AI vision robot mower, TerraMow. Muxin continuously innovates to bring smarter robots to households worldwide, brightening the lives of people everywhere.


Technolgy Innovations

Vision Sensor

To balance the performance and cost, vision sensors for smart robots are tailor-made for robotic applications . Design, manufacturing, testing are conducted with unparalleled standards, ensuring the performance and durality of the vision sensors.

AI Vision Perception

An advanced vision system capable of simultaneous texture, color, and depth sensing is engineered through the integration of multiple cameras. It enables robots to perceive the environment like humans, leveraging powerful AI neural networks.

Robotic Navigation

An efficient robotic navigation system with powerful AI vision perception is designed, using high precision 3D map from the perception system. It ensures the robots navigate smartly in various environment, avoiding obstacles smoothly.

Our Products

Robotic Vision Sensors

We have developed series of vision sensors for different robotic applications, including stereo vision sensor, active stereo sensor, RGBD sensor. These sensors have been applied in delivery robots, robotic vacuum cleaner, robotic lawn mowers.

Our Products

Robotic Navigation Solutions

We have developed state-of-the-art robot navigation solutions for robotic vaccum cleaner, robotic lawn mower, powered by AI vision. It is a all-in-one solution, which integrates 3D Mapping, Multi-Sensor Fusion Localization, Smart Path Planning, and IOT functions. It supports SOC platforms from Rockchip and Allwinner.

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